Nazaraliev Medical Center

25 Years of history. 17,000 successfully treated patients.

New approaches in treating addictions

and mental disorders.


Stages of treatment

Desintoxication. CCB

At the first stage of treatment, our specialists clean the system of the patient from psychoactive substances:

With the help of pharmaceutical therapy and more than 100 medical drugs, along with plasmaphereses, electro sleep session, physiogenic detoxication, and Central Cholinolytic Blockade (CCB), our doctors stabilize somatic conditions of the patient. All these procedures help to rid of physical dependence and restore internal ecology of the human organism.

"MindCrafting" program

At the second stage of treatment, our doctors conduct behavioral and psychological correction of the patient:

The "MindCrafting" program consists of seven self-improving psycho correctional techniques. It endorses pragmatic and innovative Western psychological schools and the elements of Eastern philosophy. Psychocorrectional trainings are conducted among traditional ethnic surroundings located at the picturesque mountain lake Issyk-Kul.

Stress Energetic Psychotherapy & Pilgrimage.

The third stage of treatment strengthens the effect. Patients may choose between two final options to complete their rehabilitation program:

1'st option

Stress Energetic Psychotherapy Session (SEPT) is a unique method of immersing into a deep transpersonal experience where a future coding against drug addiction is imperatively strengthened at the subconscious level.

2'nd option

Pilgrimage. A 250 km long walking trip via mountains of Tian Shan. Patient travels with a “stone of soul”. The final destination is the salvation mountain, where patient performs the Ritual of Liberation. All these symbolic techniques help patient to overcome personal dilemma and rid of addiction.


About professor


Jenishbek Nazaraliev

Professor J. Nazaraliev began his professional career in the middle 1980-s. Under the frame of a Soviet Psychiatric School, J. Nazaraliev initiated a new treatment method against drug and alcohol addiction. The method was supported in Russian Federation, Europe and the United States. In 1991, professor established a first private drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinic on the territory of former USSR, “The Medical Center of Dr. Nazaraliev”.

In 2014, on the bases of the existing rehabilitation center, professor establishes the Eurasian Center for Mental Health. Professor Nazaraliev is the active member of a numerous international psychiatric associations, academies, as well as the President of a non-commercial organization the World League “Mind Free of Drugs”.


Our specialists

  • a doctor 11
  • c doctor 33
  • d doctor 44
  • e doctor 55
  • h doctor 66
  • g doctor 77
  • o doctor 88
  • o doctor 88
  • b doctor 22

Elchibay Junusov


Head Doctor

Professional experience in addiction treatment – 22 years. Last 17 years of which devoted to the work at the Nazaraliev Medical Center. Dr. Elchibay is very diplomatic and delicate with every patient by nature. Knows how to find compromise in most of the situations with patients. Supports and motivates each patient for a successful rehabilitation. Very optimistic doctor with enormously positive attitude!

Marat Daudov



Practical experience – more than 18 years. Marat believes that earning the trust of the patient is the key to a successful rehabilitation. Very opened to each patient, a great listener and a communicator. Marat is great at inspiring confidence and has a talent to immerse deep into patient’s problem. Has a strategic vision, which helps during emergencies.

Azamat Usupov


Doctor for Transpersonal Psychology

Practical experience – 15 years. Azamat is a full time doctor at Nazaraliev Medical Center for all 15 years. Azamat is responsible for conducting psychological trainings according to Mindcrafting Program. Azamat has strong empathy for each patient’s case. Always gives 100% for achieving positive results in successful rehabilitation.

Alevtina Jelonkina



Alevtina is a specialist with colossal practical experience. Alevtina is the active member of the World Federation for Mental Health. Last 16 years of professional work, have been devoted to Nazaraliev Medical Center. Alevtina directs the department for new methods adaptation. Considered one of the best specialists in psycho-diagnostics and psychotherapies with patients and co-dependents (Group and individual psychotherapy sessions).

Edil Abyshkaev


Head of the Intensive Care Unit

Practical experience – 28 years. 16 years devoted to Nazaraliev Medical Center. Graduated from Kyrgyz Medical State Academy of Ahunbaev. More than several thousand coma sessions (Central Cholinolytic Blockade, one of the most difficult and serious medical procedures in the hospital) were successfully conducted under Edil’s careful observation.

Amir Mardawi


Resuscitator Anesthesiologist

Doctor Amir works at Nazaraliev Medical Center for the past 5 years. Dr. Amir arrived to Kyrgyzstan from Palestine. His devotion and responsibility is highly valued by the colleagues. Dr. Amir is very competent at working in stressful situations and is able to make the best decision fast when necessary. Dr. Amir is a first-class specialist who continues working on self-education and self-improvement.

Jalil Japiev


Resuscitator Anesthesiologist

Practical experience – 9 years. Last 6 years devoted to Nazaraliev Medical Center. Indifferent to social statuses and regalia. Appreciates great medical effort and contributes himself on daily bases.

Elena Shumakova


Clinical Psychiatrist

Elena is a freshman at Nazaraliev Medical Center. Has been working in the clinic for the past 2 years. Elena is the author for 17 scientific works in the field of psychiatry and addiction. Elena has developed a personal diagnostic method for evaluation of psychosomatic state of the patient. Elena is not afraid of any difficulties, and believes each situation has a solution. Elena pays big attention to a first meeting with the patient, as it serves basis for mutual trust and further successful rehabilitation.

Julia Vassil



Practical experience – 16 years. Started career at Nazaraliev Medical Center right after medical university graduation. Takes her job as direct mission to help people. Most of the successfully treated patients recommend Dr. Julia to their friends who also wants to get the treatment. Julia is very good at establishing contacts with different types of patients.


Our history

The distinguishing moments in the history of MCN:

  • Year 1990

    Author’s treatment method acquiring

    Профессор Назаралиев получил авторское свидетельство об изобретении метода лечения алкогольной зависимости.

  • Year 1991

    Establishing of a first private rehabilitation clinic on the territory of a former USSR

    Создана первая частная клиника на территории СССР – «Медицинский центр Назаралиева».

  • Year 1993

    Official representative offices in Moscow and New York

    Открыты приемные отделения МЦН заработали в Москве и Нью-Йорке.

  • Year 1997

    Researching positive experiences against drug addiction and its illegal trade on five continents, in 45 countries

    Профессор Назаралиев приступает к изучению характера наркомании и способов борьбы с ней в 45 странах мира.

  • Year 1999

    Conduction of a colossal scientific work on the premises of MCN

    МЦН получает статус академической организации и проводит большую научную работу.

  • Year 2000

    A worldwide book ‘Fatal Red Poppies” publishing and presentation

    В московском Международном пресс-клубе прошла презентация книги Женишбека Назаралиева «Избавь и прости» – о наркомании и борьбе с ней в разных странах мира.

  • Year 2001

    The doctor of the year award, Russian Federation

    Профессор Назаралиев стал «Врачом 2001 года».

  • Year 2002

    Foundation and establishment of the “World League Mind Free of Drugs” organization

    Профессор Назаралиев учредил Всемирную Лигу «Разум вне наркотика». Общественную организацию поддержал действовавший генсек ООН Кофи Аннан и благословил лидер тибетских буддистов Далай-лама XIV.

  • Year 2003

    Man of the Year award, Autobiographic International Institute, USA

    Американский биографический институт назвал Назаралиева «Человеком 2002 года» и наградил медалью «Выдающийся лидер».

  • Year 2004

    Award from International Committee for drug addiction prevention and fight, Russian Federation

    Профессор Назаралиев получил диплом лауреата Международного Комитета по борьбе с наркоманией за личный вклад в противодействие наркоугрозе.

  • Year 2006

    Introducing Mindcrafting Program

    Профессор Назаралиев разработал программу психотренингов Mindcrafting для психологической коррекции поведения. Программа стала частью авторского метода лечения зависимостей и психологических расстройств.

  • Year 2011

    Treatment method approval from the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

    Авторский метод лечения профессора Назаралиева одобрен Научным Советом по наркологии Российской Академии медицинских наук и Ученым Советом ННЦ наркологии Минздравсоцразвития РФ.

  • Year 2012

    Launching the reality show Doctor Life

    Съемки международного телепроекта Doctor Life о лечении в МЦН восьми наркозависимых из России, США и Германии.

  • Year 2013

    Chain of exhibitions “The World Against Drug Addiction”

    Всемирная Лига «Разум вне наркотика» проводит антианаркотические выставки «Мир против наркомании» на пути «северного маршрута» афганского наркотрафика.

  • Year 2014

    International charity project “The World Needs You!”

    Профессор Назаралиев объявляет о начале благотворительной программы «Ты нужен миру!» для жителей арабских стран и лечит больных в МЦН.


"Doctor Life"

В 2012-2013 годах Всемирная Лига «Разум вне наркотика» сняла документальный фильм Doctor Life о лечении восьми больных наркоманией из России, США и Германии.

About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the country of mountains, wild rivers and lakes.

Among picturesque mountains, surrounded by wild rivers and natural springs, wonderful lakes reside in total harmony with nature.

The second, world largest lake Issyk-Kul is located in the mountain area of Kyrgyzstan.

Issyk-Kul is a very clean mountain lake with salt water and its unique eco-system.

The mountains are popular for its three 7,000 meters above sea level peaks: The Victory peak, Lenin’s peak, and Khan-Tengry peak.

It is better to see it once, rather than hear about it a hundred times. This is about Kyrgyzstan.